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we are going to unfollow everybody, until we figure out what’s up with our website. It’s no reflection on you!
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nsp 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the message, that was kind. We all bow to the great milk dud mountain haha. Hope the site revision goes well.

Also, an exclusive teaser for our Neocities followers. Art by Korpi for a new NSP project currently in the works.
It feels a bit like self-promotion, but, our good friend Marty over at Bindrune Recordings put Orelisk in his top 10 metal releases for the year thus far. It feels great to know our friends appreciate what we're doing!
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Youtuber The Dreadful Minutes gave an awesome shoutout to Orelisk! Thanks \m/
Perhaps the most talented music reviewer on Neocities, Kali Yuga has written incredible praise for LanzerRath. The entire band wishes to extend our greatest thanks!
Ed from Dargedik Webzine just wrote incrediable praise for Orelisk, giving the new album a 9/10 and comparing it to Bethlehem. Thank you Ed! \m/
Another review rolls in from Metal Noise who gives the Orelisk debut an great 7.5/10, comparing the sound to Darkthrone, Enslaved, and Judas Iscariot.
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Professional reviewer Oz Ga of The Dark Melody has weighed in on the new Orelisk album, 77%, captures sounds of Marduk and Celtic Frost \m/ we're thrilled.
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Occult Black Metal Zine just interviewed NSP's Orelisk. We're excited and proud to share this with you. You can read it over here;

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