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i think for the plushi gallery i will use the same layout i have for my oc gallery... since my BITCH WIFE (art gallery) wont cooperate with me.
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shiraru 1 day ago

and i think... i woll make it only accessible through the about me page since its something i care about! my plushies i love my plushies rhey are me! but i do have to fix the mobile view port at some point...

I read a post about code theft on neocities and man… man… what’s the point of making your own website if you’re not gonna learn the basics of coding… where’s the fun…
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shiraru 2 days ago

I’ve been through hell making my shitty little website but it’s the journey… that makes the destination…

Hmmmm hmmmmm I think next week I will start gathering images of all my stuffed animals so I can make my stuffed animal shrine… I can even add the Kickstarter stuff I backed too!! I miss updating lol but I still need to figure out how to make a gallery…
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Sorry I’ve been silent… have no idea or mental capacity to do website stuff… society if I never had to work ever
ill post it again whenever im ready... ill keep writing my thoughts andni guess oublish them all together whenever it finishes maybe i dunno
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qctually! no media oage for a while. its hard to write things in a qeekly basis when you dont know how to code in the first place...
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shiraru 1 week ago

she will be deleted.

Anyways I was supposed to have the Fionna and cake page done today but splatfest doesn’t end until 8 so I gotta do it tomorrow I’m also revamping my commission thing and thinking about moving it to here aswell
Like it’s serious man.
This splatfest is the most serious I’ve ever played
I might start publically animating again… new procreate app…
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