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Hmmm I should try to fix up the gallery for artfight stuff… I wanna post artfight stuff also hi im bad at coding which is why I don’t code anymore…
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Next week I’ll work on more website stuff… I think I’m getting the hang of coding on my iPad now… I just don’t know what to do next…
Okay tht enough coding. I dont know why the border isnt showing up any more… but alas i jut simply cant code
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Maybe trying to code on my ipad was not a good idea… things just arent working as they would on a computer…
shiraru 4 months ago


shiraru 4 months ago

Argh… te border isn’t working a i can see it from my little preview (since my ipad wont update it automatically…)

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shiraru 4 months ago

oh i see for some reason it put the border around zhe page buddy too?? ill fix that tonight maybe... i also want to add a like button so i can spam likes on tamara wverytime i look at her

I got suspended on Twitter yippie I’m planning on coding again today I want to make something for the front page
okay im going to join a bunch of virtual pet websites so i can provide fun an interactivity... what websites would you guys suggest... i have pokefarm
shiraru 4 months ago

maybe neopets... but its been so long so much has changed...

Also i think im going to remove the art gallery because i just do not be drawing anymore really…
Okay my main problem is is that i cant get the expand box to work with multiple boxes on the same page…
shiraru 4 months ago

Please… i just want one box to work… my dotted lines arent even showing up…

Okay time to make a whole new css file just for this new page.

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