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my brain only computes web design in exactly 3 shades of gray so pls help me come up with some kind of creative theme for the new site
roseknight 1 week ago

crystals and kangaroos

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ok my neocities will stay actually not be replaced but itll just be here for dumb stuff and creative ideas(TM) but the migration to github of the old site is basically done
4 likes ok dont expect much in the way of content for a little while while i migrate stuff over and fix my terrible markup :)
so here's the deal mates i am bringing back my site in some form or another for realzies this time but i want to host it on github pages rather than here b/c custom domains cost cash for premium on here and git is just a better way to do site updates, probably will make a script to mirror it here
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roseknight 1 week ago

welcome back !

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kalex was updated.
5 months ago
joppiesaus 5 months ago

this cipher is called a ceasar cipher

kalex 5 months ago

there's ceasar but there's also atbash too and i'm adding moar of them so you can layer multiple ciphers on top of eachother

My doppelganger returns...

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