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Any room left on Districts to feature a listing for my site plz?
bikobatanari 3 months ago

I second this, though I do understand if it takes a while because writing descriptions for sites is more difficult than it seems, especially with some of the sites here on Neocities lol

billsworld 3 months ago

People could help the webmaster by including a description meta tag in their html... Just a thought...

districts 3 months ago

ooo, i really like the aesthetic of your page hotlinecafe.... there's definitely gonna be room for you, from a quick skim you seem to have a lot! i've added you to the list :D

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districts 3 months ago

bikobatanari and billsworld are correct though, writing descriptions definitely slows down my process a lot so people self describing their sites does help the process speed up. ultimately i'm one person who has to look through every site, check that there's nothing inappropriate, write the description, figure out a district, then actually put them on the page. it's a lot!!

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districts 3 months ago

which i don't really mind! but i just wanted to clarify why i'm a little slow- especially when i don't really have any kind of expertise outside of tokyo, arles and petsburg!!

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hotlinecafe 3 months ago

Awesome! Your efforts are appreciated and there's no hurry! Districts is a wonderful resource. If it helps, I'd suggest my site fits within either Silver Lake or Arcadia.

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