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Loved the site :)
i dont know why my first comment glitched the fuck out butim dropping in to say a happy hallows eve ! got around to watching wendell and wild and that movie was flames. fire and brimstone even. my favorite animated movie from this year and not just because its stop motion and i have a soft spot for that medium. definitely recommend it =)
going through followers and rediscovered your site. i just wanted to say i simply love every pixel of it! ♥
cephalon7000 7 months ago

thank you!! your site was an inspiration to the design of mine when i was starting out so this is very flattering :D

love your webpage! super fun and readable design it's like toy packaging. Huge fan :P
candyjam 9 months ago

Awww thank you! I'm glad you like it! (..◜ᴗ◝..)

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