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It's too bad there's a fire ban on right now. Because I'd like to burn the whole fucking world down.
Spent way too many hours arguing online with loggers today, which is basically the spiritual and intellectual equivalent of eating 5 big Macs in a row and washing it down with malt liquor and cockroach feces. These people make Beavis and Butt-Head look like rocket scientists. Why do I degrade myself so?? Feeling gnarly as all heck right now.. ugh
koshka 2 weeks ago

I do not say this with the intent of being mean to you, but you may as well be engaging a tiny, brainless poodle that is yipping and yapping at you in conversation. It doesn't matter how many times you tell the poodle that it's being immature and obnoxious, you will be the one who looks stupid for wasting your time engaging a creature who is so far beneath your notice.

fragmentandreflect 2 weeks ago

Argh I know you're so right...

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