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Updated my blog, currently playing, and "Memory Book" prompt on my Text Box page. What are your favorite holiday gaming memories? leave a comment! :)
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Added the teaser trailer to my new series, The World of Working Designs! Full section coming soon.
haxrelm 2 days ago

Question, will the videos be on your site as well?

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insomniac-gaming 2 days ago

Yes, I plan to make a separate page for all of the videos and maybe other material for it. I have a mini-review of one game already up, but I'm rewriting it.

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I have decided to cover Every game released by the company Working Designs. I have 1 down already, that's about 34 more games to write/make videos on. God help me.
Thanks for the follow and for being the FIRST person to sign my guestbook. :) :)
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insomniac-gaming 1 week ago

No problem! I look forward to seeing how things develop.

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