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id love to keep a diary of sorts, to let people i know whats going down with me, it'd be cool. i hate to be so reclusive and distant, the past few years have been hard. please be patient i have autism, yaadeeyahdee, dude i love spongebob so mucg its unreal, i need to rant abut it on my website.
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i have a new site i've been developing on my computer just through visual studio code. im gonna share it soon, once i can figure out how to transfer all the files smoothly. yknow what, i might even invest in a special neocities thingy. like the thingy that lets you do more thingys, that would be scheweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
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i post my art on this hellsite if you want to check it out, but i use it just to have somewhat of an public gallery at this moment. once i get the site back in gear i'll hopefully begin to make a shift. I LOVE THE INTERNET!!!!!!
HI ALL!!!!!! i've been busy making my site offline, testing out things and re-learning html like i did before and even better. :D I can't wait to finish the main page, or at least make that thing readable lol. it's been a while... love from eddie
hi. Bigupdate soon . fighting to survive and pay rent right now. thankyou love you all who stick around
update when
flareythecat 1 year ago

SOON . MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!

hey guys just a wee check in.... HELO!!!!!!!!!! Hi. hope you liked the smokeing devilworm next to a jar gif i added four months ago :thumbs up:. big things are coing to the swag shack... Keep your peepers peeled......... for some stuff. sometime.... ^_^_^
i love your site so much .. thank you for putting my site on the map!!!!!!!! is there a way i can continue the adventure on my site in the off chance some internet traveller wishes to travel to "the swag shack" .?? :D
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ace-adventure 1 year ago

Yeah send me your info.

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the article linked in the guestbook bit is so based (everyone go read it now)
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tangotrail 1 year ago

gonna be real did not expect you to post this comment. love u edie

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i likw
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