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hello!! thank you for following my page <3
norea3a 3 days ago

Okay, many things. New goth style, revamped, completely. You also have new content, but its very few things.

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Hi, I found you through your HS youtube video. I love the look of your site. Do you have a button I can link? I haven't been able to find it. Also, do you have any problem with me linking your youtube channel in my promo corner?
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ouroborista 3 days ago

Oh thank you so much! Same to you, though you're clearly much more ambitious about it. I adore the multiple-styles idea. There wasn't a button before, but I've made one and put it at the bottom of the landing page now. Linking my channel is absolutely fine. In fact I would be delighted!

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norea3a 1 week ago

Okay, big update, almost everything but the About me and Home has something new. I tried to fix the scrollbars on firefox, but I can't figure out how to do it. Thought it was fixed, it is not. Oh, and the OC wiki has a lot of new content to check out

norea3a 2 weeks ago

New blog entry, a bit of a life update, a bit of a rage rant

norea3a 4 weeks ago

New blog post. Don't expect updates for the other styles for a bit. I'm working on them and I'm going to change them soon

norea3a 1 month ago

Remake of the Punk Style, with a bit more personality. The others will get a similar treatment in the future. Also, new buttons added

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norea3a 1 month ago

Minor changes, new blog entry, and new style on the near future

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