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I havent been able to access 123gustbook for a while, anyone have an information on it? I'll probably just add a cbox instead and rid the guestbook link
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rukurisu 1 month ago

i use the smartgb guestbook, works totally fine

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grossgirl94 was updated.
1 month ago
culturalwasteland 1 month ago

on that 15th entry: personally I feel my mind slipping into the same patterns each year (diff patterns at specific times). Maybe that's a human/brain thing? Idk, after reading ur entry I tried searching for some academic paper that'd explain it (?) rn but its late and I admit half-assedly doing it. Anyway, thought of posting this here for empathy sakes! someone else feels that way (yay? :( )

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culturalwasteland 1 month ago

OH MY I think I found something. (which was considerably faster than I thought since im sleepy ;-;) . That introduction brought up a lot of references and holy S this is really a thing (havent gone thru the rest of the paper tho). Hopefully this helps? (Again, empathy-wise talking, since im relieved to find smth relatable on the psychology field)

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grossgirl94 1 month ago

@culturalwasteland wow thank you! Im book marking it right now so I can read it later!!!!

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