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Ok, I have two options for webring code. I've managed to find the ONE still-functional webring host on the entrie fucking net, but it requires signing up for their site. The second option is just a clumsy DIY thing that's done with HTML redirects and I just have to keep track of the files, which shouldn't be a problem because how big could it get. Do you have an email or something I could send the links to? x
grossgirl94 1 month ago im trying to think of the website I used to see where people would hold their Myspace layouts and it was easy to copy and paste from a url but I can't remember

Holy shit dude, I think I finally figured out a working webring code! Lemme know where I should send it so you can put it on your site!
grossgirl94 2 months ago

ahhh! can you send it to me via email?

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