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Can definitely relate to the stylesheet nuking urge. Figma prototyping is a smart idea! May need to try it. I usually scratch the itch by either refining the existing sheet (can I make it shorter? cleaner?) or making templates and sharing those in hopes of helping out a new webmaster somewhere.
owlroost 3 months ago

Also hey, fellow bass guitarist! Any favorite songs to play?

10kph 3 months ago

Making templates is a great idea too, tbh, I am considering doing that just to exercise my ~design~ skills!

10kph 3 months ago

I may sound basic for this but I love playing Arctic Monkeys songs lol. And I know one (1) RHCP song so maybe that makes me less basic haha! Nice to see a fellow bassist on here as well <3

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owlroost 3 months ago

Hey, I've been working on Dark Necessities by RHCP. They have some great bass parts! What's the one you know?

10kph 3 months ago

I've recently learned Otherside bc I think it's their easiest one? I super love playing the bridge on that song!! I'd love to learn Dark Necessities too since I really like that song ^_^

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