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i have a dreamwidth account now, @feliscatusdomesticus ...feel free to add me, because if i get some activity it'll be easier to actually motivate myself to post there! i mentioned it in my journal here but i don't know if many people read that stuff lol
americasdecline 2 weeks ago

Will you still post on your journal here? Are you integrating it? I know I've seen others embed dreamwidth blgos on here. I have a dw that I don't really use and want to focus on being more active on here. Love your writing and want to be able to keep up with it either way!

kotteism 1 week ago

i will continue posting on here, don't worry :) i imagine using dreamwidth for personal journal stuff and half-cooked reflections i want to develop from more than anything else :) i may crosspost with the journal part on here, but otherwise i shall keep posting essays, reviews and all that

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sorry for no updates, it'll be fixed soon. i've been going out 3 weeks in a row, got sick in the meantime, and then my apartment got flooded. i'm by all means drained so i've put everything i was writing on hold and was not super inspired otherwise. but i've been reading, got more into sexology even. guess i'm becoming even more insufferable. anyways, updates soon, maybe tomorrow, i hope
yourdevilfriends 1 month ago

No worries about the lack of updates, having a personal website shouldn't have to be about constant updates IMO.

loving the site; also fighting on the side of autism, brothers in arms now!

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