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*tapping the mic* does anyone here play flightrising? dragons anyone? flight of rising?
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the-rusty-zone 3 months ago

ough every so often yeas i love my dragos

A zine swap would be so cool! Were you thinking of physically posting to swap, or something like art fight where people make things for each other and send them digitally? I think either would be really fun!
thegardenofmadeline 3 months ago

A few months ago on tumblr I put out a poll for both ideas, and there was good reception for either option! I have to admit i'm charmed by physical objects, so the idea of doing like a pen pal type swap is really appealing to me, but there are benefits to digital swaps as well, especially when it comes to accessibility. Now that you have me thinking about it again, maybe I'll try to get it running this fall :)

thegardenofmadeline 3 months ago

I think, in an ideal world, there would be both options. Maybe a place to sign up for swaps & then a public posting board of some kind

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thegardenofmadeline 3 months ago

loooove the zine page! I've recently gotten into zines myself :) I've been thinking of trying to organize some kind of widespread zine swap

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I'm gonna add a new page it's gonna be about zines!! and then perhaps i will go make a zine for fun! yay crafts!!!
ilovebeingtrans 3 months ago

Zine page is up!! I still have things to add, plus I need to actually link to it from my homepage lol but I need to have a meal first. Hope yous all like it!

i love being trans too!!
owlyfans 4 months ago

Make that three o7 o7 o7

1dkreally 4 months ago

make that 4!!!!!!

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Thanks for following me!! can't wait to see your pigeon page get updated :D
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minigentleman 5 months ago

Ah, thank you! I’m hoping to have some more time to update my site in August, so expect something then! ^^ (Also, I love your website!)

Super interested in all the topics you're covering, can't wait to see how your site develops :D
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gaily-novelry 5 months ago

aaaa thank you! we hope it ends up being useful for people <3

Cool site!! Can I ask how you embedded the 123guestbook on your page? o: it's so smooth to have it on your site instead of in a new tab!
onlywonder 4 months ago

sorry for the slow reply! I used iframes for my site :) here's one of the sites I learned about them from!

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