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Hi. Just dropping in to warn you that your new formatting on your frontpage is breaking on wider monitors due to your separator lines (such as the one bellow the header image) being images and thus able to arrange horizontally with images in the same paragraph if the screen is wide enough. Adding br tags before each line.png or wrapping them in p tags should be enough in your case. Best of luck.
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chillithevampireopossum 3 months ago

Thank you so much for alerting me to this, I think I fixed the issue. Please let me know if you encounter any other problems!

saxophone-siphonophore 3 months ago

Well, the only other major thing I can point to is that your layout also breaks when viewed on the bane of all web designers, the mobile phone. Given your minimal css approach, though, that's not something so easily fixed without major reworking.

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saxophone-siphonophore 3 months ago

Having said that, one breakage that stood out to me is how the text starts overlapping on itself due to to how you set line-height to a very small amount and then doubled each line break to compensate; I don't mean to come across as a snob but that is very hacky practice and I don't reccomend it. A line-height of 3.8em or something is enough to get the job done, you don't need the double line breaks.

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Advanced procastination activate! I have now implemented Deploy to Neocities so that I may use Eleventy to statically generate this empty wasteland of a site. Baby steps, baby steps.
Love the reference on the 404 page!
saxophone-siphonophore 7 months ago

I won't lie, I never expected anyone to actually read that given the current state of site, haha. I should probably set aside some time to work on it someday.

Hi. Just popping in to to warn you that pages 8 and 48 lack the Next/Prev buttons, and page 49's Next button isn't working due to wrong capitalization in the url.
enit 7 months ago

ok, thank you! Sorry about that

Hi. I've been following this comic for a while (using Tapas' RSS feed for notifications and then reading it on the actual site as one should). On one hand I really love the ASCII pages in this chapter and how they do a good job visualising something so abstract, but on the other I feel so bad for poor Asm. Looking forward to see how the story goes from here.
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bubbledx 8 months ago

Oh thanks a lot! I thought of adding some kind of notification system but: I barely know how to code. I'm really glad you are enjoying those pages, it's been really fun experimenting with new digital techniques. As for Asm's future, I don't want to spoil anything, but I hope you keep enjoying the webcomic ^^

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