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jasm1nii 1 week ago

added more buttons to the link gallery and fixed a few things under the hood~

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thank u for following!! as someone who used to be a huge blue exorcist fan, your site makes me so happy and nostalgic for those days!!
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bluenight 2 weeks ago

that makes me so happy to hear tysm! :D that's exactly what i'm aiming for!

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hey y'all, i wanna share a good resource for protecting your site against AI scraping, whether it's a fully static neocities site or hosted elsewhere with server-side tools. i'm using some of these myself:
lostletters 4 weeks ago

Thanks for this, I'm adding a robots.txt file to my site immediately. AI scraping is absolute trash.

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thank you for following back, you're so cool (T-T) 💜
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cherrywaves 1 month ago

ahh thank you! <3 so are you! i love everything about your site- it's amazing!

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thank you for following back, i've added your site button!! 💜
lostletters 1 month ago

Of course, I've just added yours to mine as well <3

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Hello! Thank you for the follow - I've followed you back and will be adding your button to my site. I LOVE your color scheme! Such a pretty site!
jasm1nii 1 month ago

thank you so much!! i'll be sure to add yours later, too!

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