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ghostologaster 1 day ago

once again updating on this post. added some more refs and cleared up some wording

1 like have u ever thought about how if u shift every letter of the word "bunny" 17 steps forward in the alphabet it becomes the word "sleep"? this post is kind of about that
getcubed 3 days ago

i'm a big fan of "damp" -> "road"

ghostologaster 3 days ago

@getcubed same!! corrected some mistakes from last night :3 anyway, new post about some archaic chinese philological minutiae
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1 week ago
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ghostologaster 1 week ago

some corrections made and an addendum added :)

did lots of small changes to the site & the most significant one is again with the notes—inline notes were decided against as well & now it's just old fashioned linked footnotes. change of approach: instead of searching for an alternative that's less cumbersome to navigate than linked footnotes, i'll just avoid unnecessary footnotes in my writings from the get-go. rewrote my longer post accordingly
the demon called perfectionism is trying to make me learn a css framework and/or rewrite the entire website from scratch…
figured out how to use deploy-to-neocities!!
hey, thanks for the follow and i like your site! happy to see my resources page on your list of links <3 i used to have tufte sidenotes on my site too but i took them out bc of accessibility issues sadly
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ghostologaster 1 month ago

thank u for following back <33 i love your site a lot! for notes, i'm currently using the inline (originally for narrow screens) version of Tufte CSS with added hover functionalities & some accessibility improvements, which is far from perfect but will have to stay until i come up with something better…

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welp, new design has some bugs on mobile :( trying to fix that

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