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my top surgery was cancelled a third time πŸ€ͺ
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solradguy 1 day ago

NOOOO I'm so sorry :( Wishing you luck that the fourth one is it 🀞

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jassumkiddos 1 day ago

I'm sorry :( hope it doesn't get canceled again

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Only Wonder was updated.
6 days ago
onlywonder 6 days ago

mobile-home.html is a WIP. I'm working on making most of my pages responsive but my compression gloves are making it more difficult to type than I expected lol

I love your Steel-type site and the sort of unfiction approach! I'd been thinking about doing something similar, with Fairy-types, in-character as Bede.... So much thought put into it!
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onlywonder 1 week ago

Ahh I'm glad you like it!! Thank you! Something in character as Bede would be really cool and I definitely encourage you to do it :D

I made another website btw!
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Only Wonder was updated.
1 week ago
oh I missed the one year anniversary of this site by a few months oops! I've been around for over a year, how cool!
Only Wonder was updated.
2 weeks ago
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your site is so cool omg??
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