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your artworks in the gallery sometimes remind me of the style of tintin (besides the works that are actually tintin)! "Cold Breeze" in particular, though I'm not sure why. Hope you have a good day!
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pleurodelinae 1 month ago

Ooh, interesting !! For a while I was super obsessed with franco-belge comics (I still am, I've just cooled down a bit) so some visual influence for sure have bled in there! :-) you have a good day too!

pleurodelinae 1 month ago

Now that i think of it the influence is probably more obvious in my older work. I'll get more up eventually 😅

(continuting ohs chat) i honestly dont rememeber how i found it, i think i started reading it somewhere around 2015? maybe even earlier, i just know it wasnt even finished yet. might have been a tumblr post recommendation ?
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