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Hmmm, trying to update and test a few spots while I shuffle folders around, but Neocities seems to be running slow. Note to self to come back to this later??
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ninacti0n 2 months ago

Neocities is indeed running slow, I tried to update my guestbook's CSS today, and I struggled to get it running-

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solaria 2 months ago

neocities was also slow for me yesterday, i kept getting 404 error for my pages while editing

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lumpinzone was updated.
2 months ago
lumpinzone was updated.
3 months ago
Awesome site, I love your pixel work
pumpkinlumpin 10 months ago

Thank you so much!! And likewise, I love your art!! Extremely fun, expressive linework and gorgeous use of textured brushes.

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lumpinzone was updated.
10 months ago

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