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jesuisordure 21 hours ago

4 walls down, ?? to go. i'm going to have a masters in image editing by the time this is all done.

paintkiller 20 hours ago

Absolutely love the MoMA pages, really smart website design and the artwork is topshelf!

paintkiller 19 hours ago

michele lamy w marigolds and jumping spider - Uff, too good! She was awesome in that fkatwigs video, as well.

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jesuisordure 16 hours ago

thank you!! michele lamy is the definition of ICONIC. she's lead such an interesting life, too. i chose a jumping spider because a] they're adorable and b] michele lamy looks dangerous, but is mostly adorable ^__^

Thank you so much for the nice comment on my guestbook! (ignore that this response is super late. I was trying to figure out how best to respond and forgot about these comments. oops) The photo I have posted of the painting is with the glitter pen, but I can add a photo where you can see the finish a bit better. It's really bright if you get it in the right lighting.
your site feels like putting on my favourite oversized sweater from the 90s [the whole damn decade]. absolutely love the origin of your name! i still have a whole bag of unsent postcards for postcrossing from... a shocking number of years ago -- can't believe it's still going!
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divergentrays 3 days ago

Oh my gosh, thank you so much! This is the best compliment I've gotten on the site and I love it.

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never have i ever smashed the follow button so hard! [insert superlative of choice] site design damn '*u*'
chapelofthebeast 3 days ago

OH GOSH ty!!! I felt the same when I happened upon your site, escpecially after reading the "in defense of being weird.." article you had linked under your manifesto [it put word to some feelings i've been having for a while but couldnt put a finger on], and I love wandering around your site in general. Got a giggle out of the definition for a hurdy gurdy in the "jot that down" page as well :'D

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your username is EVERYTHING omG. yes, hatebirds. the pound of flesh i have lost to those little bastards... it's always been budgies in my family - adorable little maniacs. smaller beaks too, for smaller flesh sacrifices to the parrot gods, though my last one had a penchant for tuna and chicken OuO
traumagotchi 1 day ago

HAHAH thank you!!! and YEAH lovebirds are so evil dude. i still love my little hatebird a lot though hehe- i also have 3 budgies! i haven't had the time to add them onto the page yet though unfortunately

jesuis.ordure was updated.
4 days ago
jesuisordure 4 days ago

for the collectors : there is now an assortment of buttons for you to pick and choose from, including classic bevel, and contemporary flat. like a genie in a dumpster, your wish is my instant hyperfixation.


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