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falltumn 2 weeks ago

loooong time no see! i've been working on a huge overhaul of my site for a little while now and it's finally done! featuring an all new layout and several condensed pages. yipee!

ur webpage is so cute!!!
falltumn 2 weeks ago

SUPER late but thank you so much!! :D

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miela583 11 months ago

With the kielbasa soup, I don’t know if this would work, but there’s a sauerkraut soup I make a lot where the counter to the acidity is to add applesauce- it’s super easy, and adds some nice fruity undertones to it. The tomato and brie pasta sounds amazing, too

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falltumn 11 months ago

omg i'll definitely have to try that next time!! i've been wanting to try incorperateing apples into savory things lately, and that'd be perfect! tysm!!

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