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mythunderstorm 1 day ago

Added a new section: a Book Nook for writing small reviews! There are some smaller updates too as well as stylistic editing.

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mythunderstorm 4 days ago

New Barbie Toy Canon article! Minor cleanup everywhere else (including fixing my broken Animal Crossing link again!).

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mythunderstorm 1 week ago

Main updates are to Index, Blog, and Tarot! All other pages are minor cleanup on the sidebar.

jesuisordure 1 week ago

the lubanko moon is just... it's... i was enchanted at first sight. i'm also on the fence about the forhaxa and the yokai. not a fairy person, but there's something about the forhaxa; love the yokai for its cultural value. so many decks, so little $$$ -- why must life be so cruel? ;))

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mythunderstorm 1 week ago

I was so upset when I bought two indie decks and THEN discovered the Lubanko because I had no tarot budget leftover to get a third. But one day *clenches fist* it will be mine.

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