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Finished! Check out my page on EGL now, it is almost complete at the moment. That was the fastest I have ever finished a page for my site! I feel invigorated!
Working on my EGL page at the moment. I am unsure if I am comfortable posting a picture of myself, so I might censor my face in it if I do end up posting it to the page. I am also including some of my artwork! I hope you will stay tuned and enjoy. -Fox
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cadnomori 1 month ago

Actually, I don't think I really care. I will post the image uncensored, because I have nothing to hide about myself like that.

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sweethard666 1 month ago

omg I looooove your dresses! And your selfie is super cute too! I love it ♥

cadnomori 1 month ago

@sweethard666 Thank you ever so much! I am so glad you enjoy them as well, it is very reassuring.

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