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bmh 2 months ago

I have re-jigged my Einstein@Home section (keeping the white text on black background); the main page of it had become unweildy, particularly with an ever-growing maintenance log! I hope it works well.

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kakashi 2 months ago

this looks awesome!!!

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bmh 2 months ago

I think my Einstein@Home section would be easier to read if it wasn't white text on a black background... but I like how it looks...

cheru 2 months ago

I think it looks fine, it's easy to read as-is

hoylecake 2 months ago

i can read it just perfectly! it fits well :)

bmh 2 months ago

Thanks for the feedback! It must be my eyes, they don't like reading from my Kindle either when it's set this way.

heyty 2 months ago

White text on black is the best!

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