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3 months ago
onionroom 3 months ago

yo! hope its not too much trouble, but i updated my button! :'0

bmh 3 months ago

@lurk-n-leech done, no trouble at all ;-)

I don't know if you even remember me, but now I finally have a proper website button. You may or may not want to update it in your list.
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bmh 3 months ago

Thanks for letting me know; I have now updated my page of buttons.

You want a simple program that will grab images from your webcam (or any cam hooked to your computer)? Here's what I have been using for over 20 years! It runs just fine under windows 10 too... WHIP you can get it from
enterwebs 3 months ago

what is that???

billsworld 3 months ago

its real old school webcam software... it will grab take a picture with your camera and upload it to your web server by FTP automatically and you can set the speed it does it at. simple but effective.

bmh 3 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion. It's great to see old software still functioning. I'll keep a copy of it to hand.

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