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I am once again in the mood for a new design for my site but this time, it's entirely because I hate having people scroll down for my Currently Reading. I swear, it's not just because I get tired of the layout once a month.
I bought a new domain because I have a problem and many ideas. I'm hoping to toss up another site in February with actual content. In the meant time, expect some reading rambles on this site :D.
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First site update of the new year, and I'm actually reading a book. I am surprised by myself. Now, will I actually finish it is the question.
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bmh 1 month ago

'Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge' sounds like a good one; I always have a reading pile waiting for my attention.

I went through a stage where I couldn't bring myself to read for a long time. It was after I'd graduated from Uni and suffered an illness which massively ruined my concentration. I have it back now, but my reading productivity is not what it was before I went to uni. I tried doing some challenges too (around the time when I was at uni and just after) and no longer do them because I found it made me procrastinate.
theburnedoutnerd 3 months ago

I was just chatting with a friend and they made a similar observation. We used to devour books all throughout middle school and high school, but college seemed to have sucked that ferocity right out of us. I graduated 4 years ago, and I just haven't been the same since. It's funny, though. I read fanfiction constantly, but I just can't pick up an original book.

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bmh 3 months ago

Personally I just have to avoid distraction; I don't have a smartphone but I have to leave my computer alone. Then I try and stick to a set amount of reading per day, such as a chapter in the morning and a chapter in the evening.

birdsandstars 3 months ago

College did the same to me!! I read much slower now, but since my internship year, I’ve been able to read for fun again!! It’s hard to get started and I typically only read a chapter a day instead of consume whole books in one night or read non-stop until a book is done, but I’m happy to rediscover that joy. Good luck! Don’t hold yourself to past standards.


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