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You know, of all the things on my 2021 bingo board I did not expect "becoming a lowkey fan of Evanesence" to be on there.
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televandalist 41 minutes ago

It's not my fault Going Under and Tourniquet go so fucking hard.

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Watching a lot of Bush era television I grew up with and needless to say a lot of it has aged pretty poorly. Getting through anything that wasn't Everybody Hates Chris, Malcolm in the Middle, The Boondocks, and The Sopranos is a serious struggle, I'm now realizing there's a reason the Y2K revival going on right now is centered around fashion and gaming consoles more than anything else.
hellspit 1 day ago

I feel u, I love Metalocalypse (which aired around then) but some aspects of it just aged so badly (particularly Diversityklok, which is just… bad). the humor style being so “free for all” really led to a lot of biogtry getting excused because “it was a joke” :/ (not even getting into the “acceptable” homophobia and shite)

I think Noel Miller and OnYourComputer are the only Youtubers who have ever managed to make me laugh out loud.

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