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Pretty interesting photos! I see the ones with the KEXP sign, have you done work there?
neonmicahevolution 2 weeks ago

Thank you - I haven't done work for KEXP, however, I am often in their Gathering Space for coffee!

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marshmellosucks 2 weeks ago

Oh, nice! That picture captured my interest, I'm a pretty big college radio nut.

I like your Instax and Polaroid pictures a lot. I’m feeling inspired to finally take out my own Instax camera and take some pictures
neonmicahevolution 2 weeks ago

That makes me so happy to hear! Let's swap photos sometime for fun:)

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maxwellmacarthur 2 weeks ago

I’d love to swap photos sometime! I haven’t used this camera at all yet but I’m hoping I can go out this weekend and take some pictures

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