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hai guis! i have a curious 2 know what yr favorite websites are........... i can list some of mine when i get my site finished up a bit more.
one of my new fav sites now
i feel kind of shameful for asking this but are u still accepting requests to add new sites to districts?
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38cautionzone 1 year ago

Sadly, I don't think they are. Site been inactive for almost year. It damn shame because this site have actually cool idea to list Neocities site.

jacob07 1 year ago

if you want i could add your site to my portal (i have a list of sites on there)

tangotrail 1 year ago

@jacob07 sure!!! your site has an interesting concept to it.

districts 1 year ago

i mean, our last update was april.... the site is being actively worked on, i'm mostly smoothing out the descriptions right now, just at my own pace.

districts 1 year ago

with that in mind, we absolutely are accepting requests! applying to both tangotrail and anyone else who may see this, feel free to prod about being added! (though keep in mind content has to be there to be categorised...... requesting is not a guarantee, but i'll try my best)

jacob07 1 year ago

@districts Ah i see you are accepting sites, was just trying to help out just incase you werent, btw you have a nice site

districts 1 year ago

no worries! feel free to still list sites on your own portal if you want to :D thank you though!!

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