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also, apologies to people whos images ive used without hosting them on my site. im slowly working through changing that, please be patient!
when i try to use brackets live preview it doesnt load as a local file with the c://users/whatever, now it has and is messing up on some of my imgur links, even though the code is good. any idea on what im doing wrong fellow webmasters?
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gothiclolita 2 months ago

ouuu so many things to change so many things to add and the one time in months i log in, brackets isnt working for me πŸ™ oh the irony!

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gothiclolita 2 months ago

NEVERMIND I FIGURED IT OUT! Curse you experimental live preview

neocities user gothiclolita.... ty for the follow back it is such an honor omg
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okay i am not dead πŸ‘ japan ended up going both really good and Really Really Bad but on a bright note i graduated and got into my top choice universities! yahooooooooooooooo to uni i go
bechnokid 2 months ago

Congratulations on graduating!! I thought I was the only one who took college courses while going to high school xD Here's to a successful college life for you!! 🍻

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goooby 2 months ago

I LEGITIMATELY JUMPED UP FROM MY CHAIR.... This means sm ur site is so cute!!!!! tytyty!!!!!

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love the site dude!
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nouveau-doll 2 months ago

Thank you sooo much!!!! I’m glad you do!! ^w^

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me trying to shove 2000 dollars worth of coords up my ass at the Vancouver international airport 😈
updates in tommycharles news: i am not dead, slowly getting accepted into universities, and will be in japan in 2 weeks. fun!
nyaa 6 months ago

omg have fun in japan!!!

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letsloveallan 6 months ago

i hope japan is good :D!

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ur website is SO CUTE!!1 i took some inspo from u for my about me page on my web ahhH!! :3 if i wasnty allowed to pls tell me (i put u for credits for the idea) UR WEBSITE IS SO CUTE THO AAAAA :3 i cant wait to see future updates!!1
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gothiclolita 6 months ago

thank you dear, no need to worry, credits are fine

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