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2bit 1 year ago

I really like the aesthetic of your site. You can tile the background in just the x direction btw. The pink lines stop abruptly on resoltions wider than 1920p

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Thanks for following. I thought your demos were neat, and Smoky the Pigeon really gave me a laugh even if the controls were confusing to me. Neon Tone was well executed though. Pleasantly straightforward and not wildly overcomplicated. For note: The double-tap/click to add a new note/ball wasn't working in my browser for reasons I am uncertain of [Firefox v69 on Linux]. Just letting you know.
rvklein 1 year ago

Otherwise worked fine with secondary/alternate mouse button. So not really a big issue.

hotlinecafe 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback @rvklein! I agree those controls aren't particularly intuitive yet, I'm only just getting into touch game development so will hopefully refine this stuff in future. I think Neon Tone is completely broken on touch screens, to be honest with you I only ever designed it with keyboard/mouse in mind at the time. More content to come soon :)

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