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hello everyone, my library page has been added. this page consists of various pieces of writing i have done in the last two years or so, ranging from translations to literary analysis to environmental policy to fanfiction. i hope there is something for everyone to read and enjoy, and i would greatly appreciate any comments about my work on my guestbook. more updates to come!
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cadnomori 1 year ago

bonjour tout le monde, mon page de la bibliotheque a ete faire. cette page a beaucoup des ouvres de l'ecriture divers des les deux ans derniers. les ouvres ont comme la tranduction, les essais, les politiques environmentale, et fanfiction. j'espere que quelque chose pour tout le monde, et je vous voudrais les commentaires a propos de mes ouvres dans ma livre d'or. a bientot!

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