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king gizz blinkies.... that's what's up
omfg 6 months ago

I made a few more gizz blinkies because tbh those first ones I made were the first blinkies I'd made in years. and gizz just deserves more blinkies in general.

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bluef00t 6 months ago

dont click any of the links yet it's not hooked up and I got my 2nd shot today (woooooooo) which means early bedtime for bonzo. will fix this another day

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okglass 6 months ago

whos bonzo

bluef00t 6 months ago

in this context the bonzo is me

bluef00t 6 months ago

lots of microupdates I've been sitting on for weeks: new chessmaster photo, new Supercomputer Daydreams cover, updates to the bootlegs project, and new Googly Gallery photos.

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