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working on a project if you interested, how can i reach out to you best?
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rainstormsinjuly 4 days ago

Or Discord, if you prefer. It’s on my about page.

arkm, wanna work on a cool project?
arkmsworld 3 days ago

That'd probably be fun, but I'm working on a few things of my own, at the moment, so I don't think I have the time. What kind of project is it......or is it a state secret? :)

hastiesthandiwork 2 days ago

Just the usual; forgotten knowledge that would unbend the mind of man. You got a discord or anything?

arkmsworld 1 day ago

Naw, I've never really done much with discord. I do miss the old chatrooms from back in the day, though.

howdy hekate, have a project you might be interested in. how can i discuss further with you?
hekate 3 days ago

you can reach me at!

also, have a project that i think you'd be great for, how can i get in contact with you?

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