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might make custom graphics for part of my site for the first time but for some reason this concept is ridiculously intimidating to me
bluef00t 6 months ago

it's been kludged together from random graphics I found around the web for so long. just drawing something rather than editing a preexisting graphic is scary. i have too much control and no idea what to do with it

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atomicgothic 5 months ago

honestly if you just drew your ocs or band fanart in like pixel art or a transparent png or something id slap them on my site SO FAST... (if that is alright of course)

how come no one told me tmbg wrote a song about where i live
bluef00t 6 months ago

genuinely can't tell if this was meant to be a joke or if you just discovered Venue Songs

cubertown 6 months ago

the latter lol

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bluef00t 6 months ago

Are you listening to the versions with the introductions by John Hodgman @cubertown?

cubertown 6 months ago

nah my dad just came into my room and said "hey did you know they might be giants wrote a song about the orange peel" and i thought who do i know that listens to they might be giants

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what if I randomly reskinned my entire site to be like, grandma floral colors
hifivesoup 6 months ago

bluef00t becomes 80 years old

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