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hey........if you ever see updates to this site posted to your feed. please ignore it cuz im working on a secret project and neocities keeps blasting the updates to my profile LOL
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yapi 8 months ago

yeeEAP LOL RELATABLE-- neocities updates were always showcasing my entire butt in the act of just trying things out... now i got a seperate site with disabled profile+comments for that. but yeah, i imagine disabling the site profile would remove your site from neocities community? idk. sounds like it'd be a bummer tho. <:3c but either way, count on me to look the other way! ^^

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psshaw 8 months ago

There’s always coding in a separate program like Visual Studio! But yeah, I also update on the live site and it’s hilarious

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new page added: sticker album, in the MORE! section!

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