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dang how am I still on the front page?? I've been gone for like two months
bluef00t 3 months ago

I'd love to remake my site structure and front page and.... frankly the entire site, but life is coming at me fast lately so who knows how long that will take. back for now, though.

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bluef00t 3 months ago

I suppose things move slowly in neocitiesland, a lovely thing, frankly

marijnflorence 3 months ago

indeed β€” it's wonderful being able to take an extended period off of tending to one's site and come back like nothing happened

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haven't updated in a while but swear I'm not dead, just got a 9-to-5 now (wahoo)
geouniversal 4 months ago

i feel ya. summer job and it feels like ive lost all my time to putter with web stuff! the web is waiting patiently for your contributions!

blissnet 4 months ago

its okay, homie. We'll still be there when you got time, don't worry about it <3~

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bluef00t 4 months ago

did not expect people to actually respond to this but thank you all. I will also have cool art when I come back cause artfight

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