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I took a class called Topics in MIDI last term and it made me WAY too overconfident because I started to try to code something in javascript that generates MIDI that, hopefully, someone could download, but now I'm in code hell
bluef00t 4 months ago

I mean it's ONE [line of code], Michael, how long could it take? ten [hours]?

I am now officially using 25% of my storage space
my pal Eddie wrote a horrifying alternate take on my short story "Icemen, Abridged" so if you're ok with bugs and some bloodsplatter, check it out!
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Is there a simple way to know how many HTML pages are on your site
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bluef00t 4 months ago

A quick-and-dirty manual count says 45 but probably only 35 are actually accessibly linked-to content

jackomix 4 months ago

one way could be to use a website downloader. it'll get all the pages that anyone on your site could get to.

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bluef00t 4 months ago

any suggestions on one to try? I've googled em before but struggled with getting one to work

nugget 4 months ago

httrack is easy to get workdnd

rivendell 4 months ago

If you have access to a unix terminal and the neocities CLI... `neocities list -a | grep .html | wc -l` (without the backquotes) should work

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(finishes my tmbg page) ah, finally, what a timesink. well, time to do something even more outrageous to make a lemon demon page
ufology 4 months ago

tysm!!! can i ask if the button at the top of the sidebar is usable for linking?

bluef00t 4 months ago

I don't know what you're asking exactly but I'm going to say "yes of course"

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