what time is it?

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ecnalubma 6 months ago

don't mind me

ecnalubma 6 months ago

my home page, it will refuse to update. it will do this

almost 2 years :0P anyways im taking a class on information technology in grad school and we're learning html+css! I'm hoping to learn enough to feel comfortable that I'm building the pages accurately and start updating again *yippee*
ecnalubma 2 years ago

hi owen and seymour, any thoughts on the scribbles and nav gif?

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bluef00t 2 years ago

oh I absolutely love the background. jumbotron effect is cool too, did you generate it with a site or make it yourself?

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ecnalubma 2 years ago

I hope this is how you reply on here, but tyy I made both in procreate today :D

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ecnalubma 2 years ago

oops city.. idk what im doing

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