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What's the source of those cool social media icons on your about page? (Also, I dig the UHF landing page!)
I added your preferred cover to the Meddling Kids review. Toriaz also replied to your comment. Thanks again!
bluef00t 2 months ago

two """new""" comics (old comics that I never got around to posting here)

bluef00t 2 months ago

it occurs to me that if I want to add actually new comics here I have to actually *draw* those comics first. have you ever heard such garbage nonsense

bluef00t 2 months ago

sorry that restructured pages are kind of naked at the moment I'm gonna have a cool means to switch between themes later just. working on that part

bluef00t 2 months ago

the two next comics I might do (they're thumbnailed out at least) would be six pages and twelve pages respectively, which is a lot. and both would be in slightly experimental styles for me. a little apprehensive to start

bluef00t 2 months ago

I notice I leave a LOT of little comments overjustifying everything I do on here nowadays. Why do I do that? I don't know. I should stop.

readingproject 2 months ago

Don't apologise for what makes you happy!

atomicgothic 2 months ago

Mr Bluef00t I enjoy every word you type U_U also fuck yes more comics

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