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Hey! Neo-Pals, can any of you recommend examples of image gallery styles you really like here on neocities? I'm trying to figure out how to display my new gallery!
digital-r41n 4 years ago

Got the Character page backend function, easily scalable now to add the cast. Got CRT flickering working too. Thanks to Kryptonaut for the link to the article about it!

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rxqueen 4 years ago

this is awesome!

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Yooo dude that flicker animation effect you've made is SICK! (The whole thing is sick) This is super inspiring!
kryptonaut 4 years ago

Thanks man :) I didn't make it myself, I just modified it from this guy's work:

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digital-r41n 4 years ago

Cool thanks for the page not found images for the update. Anyway, moving to a deepseaprisoner inspired kind of system.

Hey, heads up for the who follow me. Incoming BIG changes for D1G1T4L R41N! It's gunna be a work in progress
I really like the navigation bar, it's really creative!
digital-r41n 4 years ago

Thanks! I'm a fan of the oldschool sorta image map navigation of old art sites

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