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thx for the follow! yr site is cool i like the big metallic toilet
tonicfunk 1 year ago

hey!! thx!! :D

i've thought about adding a blog to my website so I can talk about site news and updates, but in the end i'm not sure if it's worth it. the site is slowly coming into a usable shape and i might as well stick to my original principles and work on the content, not the form. nonetheless it's the end of the year and i want to reflect a little bit.
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nuclerosea 1 year ago

i've added a few things to the site this year - playlists, zines, an extended version of an interview from my zine. some things i still haven't added, like a links page or [insert multiple projects i want to host on the site going forward], but overall i think i've built the site up a little bit more

nuclerosea 1 year ago

i've also made a number of changes to the form - first a major layout revamp using sadgrl's layout maker, then a theme change (the green and gold was just a little bit too twee), plus a number of little tweaks. i don't think i really know any more about coding than i did a few months ago, but i can make a decent-looking website now with all the tools i've found. that's progress, right?

nuclerosea 1 year ago

there's lots more I coulda, woulda, shoulda done to the site - but it's what you do that counts. someone (and i can't remember who just now) said that living in Paris was the making of the author Brendan Behan because it was a city where writers were expected to write - whereas in Dublin you could be accepted as a writer without having produced so much as a sentence. no more couldas or wouldas for me.

nuclerosea 1 year ago

so that's what i want to bring forward into the next year - a determination to keep working on the site, to make cumulative progress, to treat it like a garden. i also want to thank the people who've given me help and encouragement and support. i want to thank all my friends who gave time and work to the zine, and all the people who've helped me code this site. you're legends and i love you

nuclerosea 1 year ago

whenever i've thought about the end of the year, the song that's come to mind is that song by the zombies- this will be our year. so let's make sure that this will be our year.

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