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bluef00t 6 months ago

unfortunately i am not back on it, still on it, just small edits (I forgot an entire song somehow oops) but I might have more essays worht of material sometime soon

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bluef00t 7 months ago

fixing some link decay! man it's been a while since I gave my TMBG pages some love, hasn't it

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I'm going to take a webware course next fall, hope I can make some cool new feature for the site here (la cucaracha horn)
bluef00t 7 months ago

haven't known what to update the site with. Busy with schoolwork; doing some art but it's all for zines/fanart I want to post as a full set; just been adding to the radio show page mostly recently, which I know isn't the most exciting

bluef00t 7 months ago

Might go through and fix dead links sometime; found this nifty tool to help:

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I love your ribbons so much! Everyone look at these:
localfool 7 months ago

Thank you!! :]

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