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god this site has gone neglected in recent months. gotta add the new album to the tmbg sorter and also do. a lot of things. to add. man
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I think one of the funniest things about neocities culture is that we know the developer's full name and when the user interface is acting wonky (which it usually does) people will invoke his name directly to make fun of him
bluef00t 11 months ago

it's like the way people on tumblr talk about @staff except there's exactly one developer and we know who it is

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okglass 10 months ago

whenever my Big Bacon Classic® Double glitches i am always screaming DAVE THOMAS

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how do you make each page so different? I want to figure out tiling first :/
thekingsofwingo 12 months ago

saw the uh, christmas break thing, i'll send a message on tumblr

bluef00t 12 months ago

The answer is you can make as many .css files as you want! Just make a second css file called something like "customstyle.css" and then change the in the header of the page you want to change to link to the new customstyle.css file instead of the default style.css one.

bluef00t 12 months ago

For example, my main site pages all use

bluef00t 12 months ago

But my TMBG related pages have the reference to "style.css" replaced with a link to "pink.css", which is this stylesheet:

I definitely have major changes I need to make (radio page update, new fonts, continuing style refactor) but for some reason cannot be assed to make them. see you around Christmas break, maybe?

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