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1 month ago
finally got around to adding you to my buttons, feel like i owe it to you for getting me into neocities in the first place
eatyourburger 1 month ago

That's so cool, thank you!

thanks again btw! your site is where i found neocities from in the first place
!!!!!!!!!!!! omg your page!!!!!!!!!
nervadosia 4 months ago

sossososososo cool bro so cool!!! fucking lovecivilization

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eatyourburger 4 months ago

thanks, your page is super cool too!! love bahamian rap city (and tally hall/joe hawley stuff in general)

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eatyourburger 7 months ago

i promise i actually do have stuff on this page, neocities just won't display it for some reason

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Your Political Compass page from a couple years ago may have just come in use in an educational scene. That page is responsible for me discovering Neocities, and thus for me learning HTML/CSS. This week, my Computer Science class started a unit on web development, and I am way ahead of everyone else on it. I feel like I partially have you to thank for the advantage I now have in the class. Thank you.
eatyourburger 7 months ago

That's amazing, really glad it helped someone. Your site is awesome, so keep up the great work!

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