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has anything Exciting happened in the ~8 months since I checked here regularly. big sites vanishing. new cool webrings. anyone playing havoc with the frontpage algorithm. in the absence of a pruned corporate information feed I must rely on, you the neocitizens
bluef00t 8 months ago

roseknight is now a random rat generator(?)

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geouniversal 8 months ago

it has been pretty quiet. some melodrama here and there, some cool new sites popping up. i feel like the jaup'd'edness of the past is not super thriving right now, but it's not dead either. it's been quiet. or i am missssing something juicy

thekingsofwingo 8 months ago

I think I've been the same since I joined

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infinitesewerscape 8 months ago

lmao yeah judging by whispers about shit in the past i heard ive missed A LOT..

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