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*sends a big hug back to you!* Thank you so much for the follow! It makes me so happy to know that we share similar hobbies and fave characters (princess jellyfish is on my watch list! I'll begin now thanks to you!) I have been learning about the world of street fashion and feeling nostalgia for retro pop culture a lot these days!
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16504532 1 year ago

:) *hugs*

Your site is so cutesy and overall nice :D, I wish you luck on your future "web" endeavors (idk I'm bad at terminologies)
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starcasita 1 year ago

yay, that's definitely the vibe I'm going for! thanks so much wind! i'm wishing you the same! ^^

I've been editing to my heart's content, and the first two links on my page are live! Time to take a much needed rest because I am tired!!!! Hoping December has treated you well, and if not I hope you are treated with care and warmth!
starcasita 1 year ago

Also, thank you for 2K views! I am over the moon that you took a little peek at my page ;; Here's to working on it more in the new year!

Ah, thank you so much for the follow! Your page is so fun, and it's nice to meet other queer folk!
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clownbonk 1 year ago

thank you as well, i love how your site is looking so far!

Ah! I've been working at it, and my page is slowly taking shape but still just as colorful as before. I added the buttons of you lovely folk, and can't wait to share mine! For now, wishing you a lovely holiday season!
Hello, it's Arty! Just wanted to do a log to self as I'm starting up this little website! I spent most of the day making a banner via touchpad and canvas, and I'm so stinking proud of it! My kid self is over the moon at the fact that I went with bright colors ;; (trying to make this more accessible, and cute! good job me!) It hit me while half awake to revamp my little self-sona (?) and I love them okay
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starcasita 1 year ago

Very glad I simplified my style to doodle something fun! I was inspired by Stitches from ac and the lovely art by hellomynameiswednesday here's to hoping I did them justice!

wasongo 1 year ago

oh super cute banner!! can't wait to see how the rest of the site is gonna shape up!

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