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What's the source of those cool social media icons on your about page? (Also, I dig the UHF landing page!)
I added your preferred cover to the Meddling Kids review. Toriaz also replied to your comment. Thanks again!
bluef00t 1 year ago

two """new""" comics (old comics that I never got around to posting here)

bluef00t 1 year ago

it occurs to me that if I want to add actually new comics here I have to actually *draw* those comics first. have you ever heard such garbage nonsense

bluef00t 1 year ago

sorry that restructured pages are kind of naked at the moment I'm gonna have a cool means to switch between themes later just. working on that part

bluef00t 1 year ago

the two next comics I might do (they're thumbnailed out at least) would be six pages and twelve pages respectively, which is a lot. and both would be in slightly experimental styles for me. a little apprehensive to start

bluef00t 1 year ago

I notice I leave a LOT of little comments overjustifying everything I do on here nowadays. Why do I do that? I don't know. I should stop.

readingproject 1 year ago

Don't apologise for what makes you happy!

atomicgothic 1 year ago

Mr Bluef00t I enjoy every word you type U_U also fuck yes more comics

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Thanks for your comments on our review. It’s nice to see that somewhere someone out there might be reading them. Have tried to encourage my artist son to do something like you’re doing, but no luck. Your website is looking crisp and clean - well designed.
It's been nearly two years since you told me you couldn't see the hotlinked-from-discord images on my site and I responded so unnecessarily flippantly that you deleted your comment. You may not remember this but I do, sorry, you were absolutely right that it's bad practice and I am *finally* going through and fixing it
cubertown 1 year ago

haha im a pretty anxious person so it doesnt take much for me to delete something. no worries


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