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Sorry I never replied! I wasn't actually an FRC kid, a wicked smart girl in my group suggested the Dozer theme and it turned out brilliant. I actually applied to the school FRC team in high school and didn't get in because they already had too many people :/ my HS was packed with supergenius nerds
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violetradd 3 weeks ago

yo u have dope music taste

bluef00t 3 weeks ago

I have very Internet Nerd music taste but my fellow internet nerds alre always introducing me to cool new music

thx :-)
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bluef00t 3 weeks ago

I like your site! Bogleech has been my favorite indie site for a long while and you've got a similar thing going on that I like

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bluef00t 4 weeks ago

I don't think I like putting the pencil and ink drawings separate but I don't know. Also I definitely need to write a better lightbox code now that I know js selectors and stuff instead of copypasting the first thing off w3schools


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