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Oh my lawdy... Haven't seen a page like this in a long while! (Yes, even on neocities.) A good start!
billsworld 1 year ago

Yes and thats exactly what I was going for... I was actually a homesteader on GeoCities in the mid-ninties and it warms gen-x heart to see this place and all the cool personal homepages that people are doing and sense of community fostered by NeoCities.

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empeethree 1 year ago

that's awesome, but my use of Neocities originally started off as a home for YTMND-esque entertainment HTML pages, then I eventually started to understand the Geocities/Neocities culture of 88x31 icons.

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billsworld 1 year ago

I've noticed the use of the old 88x31 web buttons as art and page decorations on the neopages... it's all ok but originally they were actual buttons that advetised things and you could click them and go places... and most webmasters only used a few that meant something for them and their site. I have them on my site and for the most part they actually all work!

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